What is gender? Often it is viewed as something binary – either/or. When explored there are people across the variety of genders. I nearly prefaced gender with “spectrum”. This view still implies a binary, at either end of the spectrum. However, gender, as with sexuality, is more 3D, three dimensional.

The image below is one visual representation of looking at gender variety.

Meg-John Barker has a wonderful Zine discussing gender. They point out that gender is not binary as many have thought. Our chromosomes, hormones, bodies, brains, identities, expressions and experiences all work together. In Meg-John’s words: “At the psychological and social levels, gender is diverse. Our experience of gender involves a complex, ongoing inter-relationship between our body & brain, our personal characteristics and experiences, and the wider culture we live in.”

For further information I’d recommend reading their Zine linked above and/or their book “How to Understand Your Gender: A Practical Guide for Exploring Who You are“, written with Alex Iantaffi.

“These can all be just as important as the gender of people we’re attracted to in defining our sexuality.”

So it can be complicated.

I’m happy and comfortable to work with you, whatever your gender.

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