This will be discussed during our first session together. However,  I feel it appropriate to outline here the type of relationship we would work within.

Confidentiality – what you say to me stays with me. The only changes to this are, if I felt you were in danger or were a danger to others, there may be a need to break confidences.  I would, though, discuss this with you prior to any disclosure.

Supervision – discussions with my professional Supervisor, regarding my work. Clients are only identified by first names.

BACP and COSRT ethical guidelines – I adhere to these.  The full details are here: and here

Outside contact – if we ever happen to see each other outside the counselling room I will not approach you. I am happy to be approached but leave that choice to you. I will take your lead on this.

Cancelled sessions – If I am unable to make a session through illness or any other unexpected reason I will let you know as soon as possible. Likewise, I will expect you to notify me if you are unable to attend a session.