This will be discussed during our first session together. However,  I feel it appropriate to outline here the type of relationship we would work within.

Confidentiality – what you say to me stays with me. The only changes to this are, if I felt you were in danger or were a danger to others, there may be a need to break confidences.  I would, though, discuss this with you prior to any disclosure.

Supervision – I receive regular supervision (as do all therapists accredited/registered with accrediting professional organisations) with another qualified and experienced senior therapist.  Should I take aspects of my work to this supervision, I will refer to you by your first name only. My supervisor is also bound by professional code of ethics regarding confidentiality.

Sessions – A regular day and time for sessions will be arranged and agreed between us. Sessions are normally fifty (50) minutes long, unless agreed and arranged otherwise.

Cancelled sessions – If I am unable to make a session through illness or any other unexpected reason I will let you know as soon as possible. Likewise, I will expect you to notify me if you are unable to attend a session. If you miss a session, giving less than 24 hrs notice from the appointment time, the session will be charged in full. You are expected to contact me should you not be able to come to a planned session. If you are unwell you are required to pay 50% of the fee due.

Outside contact – if we ever happen to see each other outside the counselling room I will not approach you. I am happy to be approached but leave that choice to you. I will take your lead on this.

BACP and COSRT ethical guidelines – I adhere to these.  The full details are here: and here